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Anti-Age Cream For Men, 50ml

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New generation anti-age cream with versatile effects special for men. Strong and special formula with far east’s miraculous plant Silver Vine Extract.

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Content & Effect

15% of active substances.

Active substances: Nikkol Silver Vine Extract,Ronacare Ectoin,Repair Complex CLR PF, Ronacare Cyclopeptide-5, Ronacare AP, Nikkol VC-IP, Macaderm LC

Calms down the skin and prevents irritation. Tightens the skin. Decreases the visibility of wrinkles. Provides brightness to skin. Gives strength to skin immune system. Renews the skin tissue in the same way with healing of scars. Gives strength to collagens and prevent DNA to get old. Prevents acne formation with sebum regulator. Eliminates sun and acne spots. Protects the skin from UV rays.

Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested. Does not contain Paraben. Application of both serum and cream on a clean skin is suggested twice in a day (day-night) .


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